Our team

The first projects and activities of the Good Vibrations Company started in 2011.

The GVC Team includes experts in complementary fields regarding personal development and individual and group behavior, scientific evaluation of human sound and other biological signals, linguistics, clinical development, software development and web-based and smartphone applications, supplemented with technical and legal support.

You can find our complete Team on our LinkedIn Company Page.

Han Brakké - Founder & CEO

Behavioural Influence Processes

CEO – CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, has more than 45 years of expertise in the areas of behavioral influence processes, Individual and Group Behavior, Personal Development, Coaching, Counseling, Talent Management, Lifetime Achievement, Mental Coaching and Strategic Business Communication.

He is owner and Executive Partner in Human Resources Management B.V., which he founded in 1986 and which is one of the first Management Consultancy Organizations in the Netherlands. The essence is the discovering of the causes behind the client’s patterns of behavior, rather than learning to cope with the consequences of those patterns.

Han Brakké is the founder of the Good Vibrations Company B.V., The Netherlands, based on his expertise in behavioral influence processes and analyzing people’s emotions. The idea arose for the use, through artificial intelligence, AI, of technology to identify the main emotions in a split second. That has resulted in GVC NEURO – EMO ANALYSIS SERVICE.

On the basis of this experience GVC developed a feedback system that anybody can benefit from by using a GVC application. This method is designed to bring the user in a positive mood, to enable the user to tune their vibes within minutes, and to improve the user’s performance and quality level of life.

Geoffrey Beulque, CTO

Artificial Intelligence

Geoffrey Beulque, Chief Technology Officer, an IBM AI Engineer Professional, embodies a unique blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. His career, which began in technology, underwent a transformative shift to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle, stepping away from traditional norms. This bold decision marked a departure from conventional career paths, leading him to explore new horizons in the world of artificial intelligence and innovation. His work, particularly in areas like the Speech Emotion Recognition App, reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of human-machine interactions.

Geoffrey champions a philosophy that values intuition and ambition over traditional pathways. His journey is a testament to his belief in the potential of individuals to forge their own paths. By encouraging innovative thinking and leveraging the power of AI, Geoffrey's approach is not just about delivering cutting-edge solutions; it's about inspiring a future where technology and human creativity merge to unlock new possibilities.

His commitment to GVC stems from a shared passion for harnessing artificial intelligence for noble causes. At the heart of this endeavor is a desire to develop AI technologies that benefit humanity, reflecting Geoffrey's belief in the power of technology as a force for good. This partnership signifies not just a business alignment, but a union of ideals centered on using innovation to create positive impacts in the world.