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Good Vibrations Company B.V., has exercised the utmost care in order to keep this website as complete, up-to-date, correct and accessible as possible Nevertheless, no rights can be derived from the content of this site or to consult The taking over of data from this site, other than for its own use is not allowed.

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Privacy statement

GVC B.V. handles your personal data very carefully and fully observes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We do not provide your personal data and never be available to third parties without your explicit consent This subject to special circumstances, for example if required by law Also you can request that you have your data removed from our files at any time You can visit this website without providing GVC B.V. any information about yourself. However, there are situations where we do need information from you to correspond with you, make a quote, contact directly involved people or make a final appointment with you.

Google Analytics

The only information GVC B.V. receives comes through the Google Analytics program This concerns general and unpersonified data about the origin of our visitors, the parts of the website that have been visited and how long that visit on the website GVC B.V. does not collect data, does not use tracking or other unnecessary cookies and does not have any online accessible database Also we never email you unsolicited, no newsletters and no other emails Also GVC B.V. never shares any data with third parties otherwise then to be able to make an appointment with you and therefore necessary at your own request.