GVC MindSet – MindPower

Mindset and Mindpower, use the power of your thoughts to realize what you want to achieve.

Maybe you always thought that you wouldn’t be able to develop and realize your talent and ambitions…

But why do you even think that?


MindSet is the attitude you have compared to everyone and everything you come into contact with, but especially how it shapes and shapes you yourself.

MindPower is the positive outcome of a proper MindSet

We actively let you experience a new way of thinking to be able to deal with different situations and problems differently from now on. We’re going to increase your mental strength by providing you with a right and optimal MindSet. Because the more powerful your MindSet is, the more powerful your MindPower is.

MindSet – MindPower Program for Call Agents

For example, at the start of the shift of a Call Agent in a Contact Center. Before the start of this shift, the GVC Emo Analysis Service measures the emotions of the Call Agent and then when it turns out that they are not positive, for example through personal circumstances, this MindSet can be converted into a positive MindSet through the MindSet/MindPower Program.

GVC has shown in detail in practice that this means that the Call Agent has a considerable higher percentage satisfaction score in the approach of customers and achieving good results as well as a greatly improving image building for the Organization.


This literally indicates what we want to say with this. You can achieve what in your eyes was always impossible because ‘look different’, you will learn to see different perspectives.

The only one who’s in control is you.

MindSet – MindPower. You never thought you’d realize that.

If you want to change something, change it. If you can’t change something, change your MindSet. Because of the power of your thoughts, nothing will be impossible.

We have a good example of this:

Max Verstappen, The Formula 1 Driver, will have the opportunity to ride with the big Red Bull Racing Team in the Barcelona Grand Prix.

And for the very first time he will come over the finish line as the winner. This makes him the youngest Grand Prix Winner ever. Despite his innate talent, he had to work hard for that. And the saying in Formula 1 is not for nothing: “If you want to finish first, you first have to finish”

But he knew he was doing it. He had to “first believe and then see”.

Another example:

Well-known Nobel Laureates started with an idea, about which they always received skeptical or angry reactions and were sometimes even declared a fool by their fellow scientists.

They were thwarted and sometimes they were made almost impossible, but they continued to hold faith in their own idea and they have been able to change the world. Think of, for example, people like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie.

Truly believing in yourself and whatever or anyone, yields not only a tremendous mental, but also a physical strength

Mental resilience

Being able to perform and standing there at the moment when it really has to be, that’s what it’s all about. Your mental resilience ensures that in those moments when you have less confidence in achieving your goals, you still believe in it unconditionally and continue to radiate it. That’s the right


Trust your intuition from the first second. You can “order” your business, positions and objectives with your thoughts and then you get them. You have your own hand in whether you have achieved your goals.

Performing under pressure – no matter of good luck.

Performing is one thing, but performing under pressure is something completely different in this rapidly changing and hectic society. The mental factor is crucial in this. And he has everything to do with your Mindset again.

Our guarantee

We can guarantee that after a MindPower Experience you have made a fundamentally different MindSet yours and that you will also look at the world and your specific issues and circumstances permanently differently. And excellent orders can be realized.