GVC FeedBack System

One of the key elements of the Concept of Good Vibrations Company is based on providing direct feedback. This GVC FeedBack System is both simple and highly advanced. It is based on more than 45 years of experience of counseling people, coaching talented persons and enhancing the mood and behavior of individuals and groups.

Elimination of symptoms as well as of the underlying problem

In 45 years of practice with individuals from 2 to 94 years of age, we have observed repeatedly that symptoms of burn out, depression, anxiety, and emotional distress can be erased in an instant by providing mood-changing feedback in the form of pieces of music, photos or videos that resonate with the person’s emotions. In many instances the underlying emotional disturbance disappears permanently, although success is highly correlated with the person’s mindset and desire to change and with their possession of mental flexibility. GVC aims at providing increasingly sophisticated implementations of the ideas behind the GVC Feedback System in their software.


The GVC Feedback System can improve the well-being of human beings, which is one of GVC’s key goals. At the very least, the feedback method promotes a relaxed feeling and contributes to personal confidence and self-esteem. It thereby provides an ability to cope again with all impulses on this busy planet. In cases of emotional disturbances, it can render the use of medication superfluous and can curb an addiction to drugs.

In the special target group of people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or dementia, the GVC FeedBack System has shown remarkable results. In instances where family, friends and nursing staff failed to communicate effectively with Alzheimer’s patients, GVC Feedback resulted in a resumption of successful personal interaction with the patient, providing a highly intense and memorable moment between patients and relatives.