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In the world of the Media more and more information is generated at different locations. Interviews, telephone calls and events, life or recorded are all compiled in one program. During a telephone call you don’t see the guest, but you would like to know if the person for instance is annoyed or is really very happy.

In this way you can better direct the interview.

Furthermore, if you perform facial recognition, the analysis fails as soon as the person starts to talk; the emotional status can no longer be assessed; unless you use the GVC Emo Analysis Service to assess the voice.

How valuable would it be using programmatic ads shortly after analyzing emotions?

If a broadcast provides positive information about your company or a closely related topic, it is very important to advertise shortly after this item by using programmatic ads.

Tune the light of studio or other spaces based on the emotions as assessed by GVC Emo Analysis Service or adapt the music to these emotions.

Unlimited opportunities in Media and e-Commerce.

Tuning your vibes

Select the right commercial voice

Singer/music – Talent selection