Great personal performance in highly competitive circumstances

The operating conditions in sports environments can be very demanding and highly competitive. These circumstances generally demand extensive preparation and repetitive training. Circumstances just prior to a key event at the sports track can be enhanced by establishing the right state of mind.

Good Vibrations - better results

More and more athletes achieve good vibrations by looking for a quiet spot and listening to music to establish the right focus and fully concentrate on the upcoming event. This moment of supreme preparation and concentration can be enhanced by quickly analyzing the personal state based on answering a few questions and assessing a brief speech sample, resulting in feedback via music and images that are optimized to bring the individual in the ideal state of mind for his or her performance at the sports event.

GVC FeedBack System

GVC MindSet / MindPower Program

The GVC Feedback Concept and our MindSet/MindPower program enables you to tune your vibes to optimize your physical and mental performance.