e-Sports - Gaming

When the environment is fully virtual, the judgement of emotions turns out to be very difficult. Does your opponent say something to misguide you or is he really anxious in the heat of the fight? Outcries of joy or aggression dominate the game, choices in e-Sports or gaming.

Understand the real emotion of your opponent

To win a match it is very valuable, if you understand the real emotion of your opponent. But, also to keep yourself in the optimal emotional state

The real emotions of your opponent and yourself

Score in e-Sports and Gaming in a virtual environment based on real emotions of your opponent and yourself.

Tune your vibes with GVC Emo Analysis Service.

The operating conditions in gaming environments can be very demanding and highly competitive. These circumstances generally demand extensive preparation and repetitive training. Circumstances just prior to joining a game can be enhanced by establishing the right state of mind.