Elderly care technology

Technology plays an increasing role in daily life. We can no longer imagine a life without smartphones and tablets. Care and support are increasingly provided on-line. Also, in the field of Elderly care innovative technologies are more and more being applied.

Is it all about the Device or is there more to it?

The device is important, but in Elderly care the attention must be directed at “humanizing” technology.

Home care / lifestyle monitoring

Lifestyle monitoring is increasingly applied in home care. Monitoring of lifestyle or personal patterns of people who are living alone provides crucial insight in gradual changes, which may reflect future needs of personal care and home care.

Remote care

By using smartphones and tablets, care providers and clients can communicate remotely with each other. For this you do not have to be present at the home of the client, while monitoring and providing valuable assistance in interventions like injecting insulin, changing wound dressings or taking medication.

Also, in the care of patients suffering from mental disorders or an Intellectual disability, the smart use of smartphones and tablets is increasing, including support for issues related to providing daily structure or social contacts.

General practitioners and medical specialists may use these applications to communicate with patients for control, monitoring or discussing test results.

Compare it to ‘ Skype ‘, but then via a secure connection.

The advantage of such communication is that the care giver or volunteer can quickly and efficiently take care of the client and provide support and initiate further action if required.