Team emo analysis service

Under pressure or in an unknown environment, people may respond based on the primary or real emotions. At an important business meeting, a job interview or in large groups, you may not always get what you see; people may perform poorly in those circumstances.

Team Emo Analysis is one of the many useful applications of the software and technology developed by GVC. This enables the distinction between various voices of different individuals and enables a sophisticated analysis of the emotions in a meeting.

Team Meetings

Team Emo Analysis offers the opportunity to measure and display the emotions of each team member separately during a Team Meeting. In addition, the GVC Emo Analysis Service also shows, by the total mood-line in the dashboard or display, the evolution of the atmosphere of the discussions, from the beginning of the meeting, evolving during the interactions and the final outcome at the end. In this way, concrete and visible to all participants, it can be demonstrated, whether, for example, a meeting started in a suboptimal atmosphere, and finally resulted in positive conclusions in a good atmosphere.

Management Tool

So it is an extraordinary Management Tool, which may provide feedback on the emotions of each participant in the meeting and may therefore be a valuable tool to assess the status of the team.

Assess the emotions during a conference call

By using GVC Emo Analysis Service you can also assess the emotions during a conference call. You can use it to steer the overall sentiment in the right direction and secure a positive result. Assess the vibes and emotional state of a group by using GVC Emo Crowd control.

Assess and enhance your own emotions

You may also assess and enhance your own emotions before or during an important meeting. Assess yourself by the GVC Emo Analysis Service and use this to your advantage. Tune your vibes using GVC Emo Analysis Service.

GVC Emo Analysis Service measures the real true emotions.

Emotions can be faked. GVC provides GVC Emo Analysis Service, Emotion Recognition by Voice, developed in such a way that only the real true emotions are recorded and analyzed.