Business - Negotiations - Recruitment

Benefit from innovative tools for excellent performance in a commercial and competitive environment

In the challenging circumstances of running a business, performing commercial activities or when you are negotiating or recruiting, you would usually like to create the optimal setting to perform at the highest level and to achieve the best results.

Assess your own state of mind

The GVC Emo Analysis software can be used to assess your own state of mind. This can be quickly analyzed based on a brief sample of your own voice, The result will make you aware of your current state; if you are in an angry mood, you may not be in the best position to perform an interview, although you may achieve have an excellent result in negotiations.

Tune in to the state of your prospect or client

As most people in business know purchasing is to a large extent based on emotions and only to a minor extent based on contents. GVC has developed an application of its Emo Analysis software which allows you to tune in to the state of mind of your customer. At contact centers this is used to calm down the customer and reduce the aggravation.

In a discussion with a potential client you may use this tool to assess the emotions of your prospect and to tune your tone of voice to his or her mood. It has been demonstrated that it will strongly increase your chances of securing the deal or sales.